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We are pleased to annouce Snapper power equipment is being featured at a new destination spot!  Menards now carries Snapper!

Product Support for your new Power Equipment!

Now that you have your Power Equipment, let us help you get started!  You wanted fast easy support, here it is!  Get ready to submerse yourself in product knowledge for what your new hardware can do!

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Our Products

Menards features the following:

What power equipment does Menards feature?

  • Power Generators
  • Pressure Washers
  • More to come!

Power Generators

Featuring Briggs & Stratton - Trusted Name Brand Generators

  • Generator Model X
  • Generator Model X
  • Generator Model X 
  • Generator Model X
Snapper Genset

Pressure Washer

  • Pressure Washer Model X - 3000 PSI / 2.3 GPM Red
  • Pressure Washer Model X - 3200 PSI / 2.5 GPM Red 
  • Pressure Washer Model X - 3400 PSI / 2.5 GPM Red
Pressure Washer Snapper Category


Not all models can live forever.  Sometimes certain parts are retired, or we just are seeking innovation.  But if you have a retired product, you can look here to find additional support materials that you may be seeking!

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